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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Tiring Threesome but a Satisfying one!!!

Hello my lovelies,

Did you miss me? I hope so? I surely missed you.

Well, an intriguing title isn't it, but sorry darlings, there is no hanky panky here. So no hot tale to tell,  just a plain and simple one.

So, we have had three busy and tiring days,

Day 1 

A birthday party at Bandra, which needed us to entertain 6 year old girls with our nail art, tattoo (colour) and beautiful floral bracelets and rings. What am I talking about? Please check our FB page, if haven't done already.

So, as I was saying, this all started at 12:00pm. Soon, the girls started pouring in and soon, the house, yes this one was a house party, was filled toddlers all excited and queuing up to get their nails, etc done.

These days these kids, know exactly what they want, and I know this from being an Aunt that even a 4 year old is conscious about colours chosen,etc and these were 6 year old girls. You can just imagine.

We have had many 6 year old girl parties and we enjoy it , as much as we do the younger and older lot.

So many conversations, flowing.

What's even better that I landed up hosting the activities and got the kids to dance and play games , " NOW, I WONDER, whether I should actually start this part of the parties too :).

Day 2

This was the most exciting day , as it was a Fun Fair at Oberoi International School and since my niece goes to the school, she was also performing.

So, this started at 10am, doing the ground work, the preparations, the running around chasing the light guy, the table guy, the frill guy, by the end, I seemed to have chased so many guys, that I swear I decided never ever to chase a guy, even I wanna get married to him :p.

So even with such early preparations and the movie Darr @ the Mall (which did not turn out that bad), we still did not get the lights ready till 4pm, as the lights guy hadn't gone around to fix the faulty lights.

Being, there first exhibition, there were a few mishaps from the organizers end but all in all it was a great event and our stall was buzzing.

So much so that, we had to start writing names and directing the kids in a proper order. The 12 hour spree ended at 10 at night.

But we enjoyed, and the kids performance was excellent too!!!

Day 3

One would think that after such a long day, we would be lying in bed on a Sunday, but unfortunately, we did not get a chance as we had to be back to the salon at 8am, to get someone ready for a morning event that they had to attend.

And being a Sunday, the long day carried on.... So my lovelies its nearly midnight and I am a Zombie, so I am going to crash.

Love you and leave you.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Truth about L'oreal Mythic Oil Treatment

Hi Friends ,

I was invited to one of the seminar's at L'oreal a couple of months ago and I think I had dozed off at some point while they were talking about the new revolutionary treatment " Mythic Oil Treatment"

I had thought to myself, why this treatment, I already have the Absolute Repair for the Dry and Damaged hair. And my clients are not some mice in a lab to keep being shifted from one service to the other....

So, I decided against it... now a few months down the line.... after much pushing and begging from my team, I decided to go ahead and purchase the bloody expensive product.

So now here is the truth of it all!!!

Yes, Yes, hang on... it was bloody brilliant!!! I did it on myself, as one does, to ensure that the client doesn't feel cheated and MY OH MY .. was I amazed with this product.

Not only my hair was left looking shinier and healthier after the first sitting but with just a cold / medium blast dry, I had a straight blow dry look.

It has the same ingredient as the Morrocon Oil, the now so famous Argan Oil, and yes if anyone can say it.. Argan Seed can proudly stand up and say... " I am a small tiny thing, but my oil can do wonders" So does size really matter :).

I won't deny, that it sets you back slightly more than the average Hair Spa but if dry damaged hair is the worry and you don't have any Scalp problems, I would recommend this.

Don't trust a salon owner on this, I want you to come and give it a try yourself and then you can leave your comments on our FB page.

Looking forward to see you soon.


Monday, 24 February 2014

What's in a Day?

Hi Friends,

I know, this is my second post of the day, but don't worry, this is the last time, such a phenomenon will take place. From now it will be one a day or might keep you longing and write one a week :).

So, since I started it "Why Kidzappy?", let me follow that post, with , "Why open on a Monday, and closed on a Wednesday?"

I ask myself, why do salons keep closed on a Monday? Is it because the weekend gets really busy and so the staff must rest? Or is it because Monday is the first day of a regular office goer and they are not going to pamper themselves with the routine work of the salon.

But, I have had days that I have been extremely busy on a Monday and then there are days where I have been totally dull on a Sunday.

Yes, we encourage family bonding and relationships and that's my USP. However, even I know that sometimes a mommy, a wifey needs some me time!!

And what a better day then Monday? For the working mothers, whether its a Monday or a Wednesday it doesn't make a difference at all. For the non working mother, wouldn't you just love to be pampered and get fresh for the entire week? After a busy weekend, maybe it was a partying one, maybe it was cook for the entire family, run behind the kids.. between all this and that.......... Don't you want to just sit down and get a head massage? Facial? Pedicure?

I mean aren't the trends changing, isn't it time that we start thinking about how we look and feel. After all we spend the entire weekend worrying about what others would think and feel!!! So get a fresh start on Monday.....

So, its time that we start making a new trend and Kidzappy Kids & Adults Salon is just being part of a new emerging trend.

You too Come be a part of it!!!


Sunday, 23 February 2014

From the world of advertising to the world of kids and image changing!!

Hi Friends,

This is Melissa Patheria, proprietor of Kidzappy Kids & Adults Salon. Yes! Kidzappy, its quite an unusual name for a salon and even more unusual for one that caters; newborns to senior citizens.

Keep reading to know why I chose this name.

I wasn't always in the salon business, in fact, I left my swanky career, the big national level role to follow a passion, a passion that had started years ago in Oxford, UK while doing my Bachelors and Masters.

The good old students days, where in between my classes and my assignments I would baby sit. The love of kids soon, took a back seat and just like some men follow the scent of a women, I started to follow the scent of the moolah!!!.. and the joy of the one day of the year, which is even more exciting than your birthday!!! Yes, the beautiful PAYDAY!!

But there was something lacking, where was the joy and satisfaction!! And June 2011, marked my exit from the corporate world of Digital Advertising to the arms of sabbatical. Sabbatical was a great guy, he took care of me and nursed me well. But, again, he wasn't my type. So, I hunted around for a better options and one day my sweet niece, made me realise how kid friendly salons were lacking here.

That thought gave birth to Kidzappy Kids & Adults salon in December 2012,  now its been a wonderful journey and its still going on.  In my second year, we have already moved to a bigger premise. The parents are also happy and relaxed when they get their services done, as our qualified and friendly staff, take care of them even when they are not getting their own services done. And like they say ! God Willing!! Inshallah, this is just the start :)

So, now I am happy, the cute stories of kids, the joy on their faces, when they see the Lightning Mcqueen and Barbie Mustang shaped cars, the Doreamon chair and the play room. The testimonials from parents and all in all just the satisfaction of giving someone an image change that would fetch them compliments and give them a high!!

So, have I answered the question of why the name? Or are some of you still scratching your heads. So basically, I wanted the Kids to be happy, whether they come for their services or they just accompany their parents.

So, that's all from me today, watch this space for tips and other news...

Hope you liked my first blog, please give me your suggestions as I am open to them.