Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Truth about L'oreal Mythic Oil Treatment

Hi Friends ,

I was invited to one of the seminar's at L'oreal a couple of months ago and I think I had dozed off at some point while they were talking about the new revolutionary treatment " Mythic Oil Treatment"

I had thought to myself, why this treatment, I already have the Absolute Repair for the Dry and Damaged hair. And my clients are not some mice in a lab to keep being shifted from one service to the other....

So, I decided against it... now a few months down the line.... after much pushing and begging from my team, I decided to go ahead and purchase the bloody expensive product.

So now here is the truth of it all!!!

Yes, Yes, hang on... it was bloody brilliant!!! I did it on myself, as one does, to ensure that the client doesn't feel cheated and MY OH MY .. was I amazed with this product.

Not only my hair was left looking shinier and healthier after the first sitting but with just a cold / medium blast dry, I had a straight blow dry look.

It has the same ingredient as the Morrocon Oil, the now so famous Argan Oil, and yes if anyone can say it.. Argan Seed can proudly stand up and say... " I am a small tiny thing, but my oil can do wonders" So does size really matter :).

I won't deny, that it sets you back slightly more than the average Hair Spa but if dry damaged hair is the worry and you don't have any Scalp problems, I would recommend this.

Don't trust a salon owner on this, I want you to come and give it a try yourself and then you can leave your comments on our FB page.

Looking forward to see you soon.


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