Monday, 24 February 2014

What's in a Day?

Hi Friends,

I know, this is my second post of the day, but don't worry, this is the last time, such a phenomenon will take place. From now it will be one a day or might keep you longing and write one a week :).

So, since I started it "Why Kidzappy?", let me follow that post, with , "Why open on a Monday, and closed on a Wednesday?"

I ask myself, why do salons keep closed on a Monday? Is it because the weekend gets really busy and so the staff must rest? Or is it because Monday is the first day of a regular office goer and they are not going to pamper themselves with the routine work of the salon.

But, I have had days that I have been extremely busy on a Monday and then there are days where I have been totally dull on a Sunday.

Yes, we encourage family bonding and relationships and that's my USP. However, even I know that sometimes a mommy, a wifey needs some me time!!

And what a better day then Monday? For the working mothers, whether its a Monday or a Wednesday it doesn't make a difference at all. For the non working mother, wouldn't you just love to be pampered and get fresh for the entire week? After a busy weekend, maybe it was a partying one, maybe it was cook for the entire family, run behind the kids.. between all this and that.......... Don't you want to just sit down and get a head massage? Facial? Pedicure?

I mean aren't the trends changing, isn't it time that we start thinking about how we look and feel. After all we spend the entire weekend worrying about what others would think and feel!!! So get a fresh start on Monday.....

So, its time that we start making a new trend and Kidzappy Kids & Adults Salon is just being part of a new emerging trend.

You too Come be a part of it!!!


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